March Writing Review

Written or finished writing: 1 short, 1 flash, 1 twitter fic

Submitted: 4 (all pro markets)

Rejected: 3 (1 personal, 2 form)

Pending Response: 2 (1 from this month, 1 from Feb)

Other: I started writing my Viable Paradise application this month. This means the short and flash I finished this month will no longer be taking trips to magazine’s slush piles until I’ve finished the application & heard back.

Comments: I definitely caught up on my Write 1, Sub 1 this month, which is great because otherwise I’d spend all of April feeling defeated.

Most of my time this month was taken up finishing my short. I started it last year, and it got a bit…out of hand. I have now shortened it from its original projected 10k words, and significantly changed the opening scenes. It still has a lot of work, but it’s the piece that I feel really has the best I can offer – I just need to get it there.

I also bought a critique in the Apex “Revive the Drive” and I’m still pondering which short of mine gets the honour.

April Goals:

I’ll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for April, which is my first time in three years doing anything NaNo related. I’ll be working on short stories, as well as sneaking a few blog posts in there. The goals are as follows:

  • Write 15,000 words
  • Participate in Sci-Fi London’s 48 Hour Flash Fiction challenge (8th – 9th April)
  • Two blog posts in addition to the monthly writing review
  • Finish VP application
  • Send pieces out for submission within a week of rejection

The Sci-Fi London challenge will definitely be the most, uh, challenging, as I’m busy the morning of the 8th and going to the theatre in the evening of the 9th. While I write fast, my ideas take a while to form, so here’s hoping I can scrub something together…

I will be writing a post on my experience with that later this month.


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